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Applying visa for Thai citizens to travel to various foreign country around the world need a visa to enter that countrym, except for some countries that have agreed to the Thai people can travel without a visa, but have limited period of residence. We shall deal with all types of visas such as tourist visa, visit visa, marriage visa, fiance visa, education or student visa, permanent visa etc.

We are happy to give you advise about the opportunity to get a visa. We analyze the documents that are useful in the application to make documents to be reliabl together with documents from reference or supporter or guarantor. A letter explaining the relationship in order to clarify the reason for the trip to the embassy.

Incase the visa have ben deniel or not granted, we will analytic the reason for the rejection of the embassy carefully and framing solutions, explain the matter that embassy refuse the application to customer. Then we will find more evidence documents to apply next time or appeal depend on each case.

Tourist Visa / Visitor Visa
- Fill out the form correctly.
- Check all the required documents.
- Check your reference eith document or persons.
- Documents of your work and financial.
- Prepare travel program.

Settle Visa / Fiance Visa / Permanent visa / Marriage Visa
- Fill out the application form correctly
- Prepare official documents , translated and approve with ministry of foreign affairs
- Preapre reference documents
- Health check up
- Reguest police clearance record from Royal Thai police
- Test necessary language
- Relationship evidence document of applicant and reference

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เกี่ยวกับเชงเก้นวีซ่า (Schengen Visa)

Schengen Visa use for a Euro country who is member of Schengen Visa. This is suitable for tourist that travel to many Euro country in one trip, you can apply for single or many entry but the residence period must not more than 90 days and within 6 months, start from the first day entry to Schengen country.

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Combodia and Laos visa
- Need 2 photos and passport
- Ask for more information at boss pattaya service


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